In this new white paper "HR & Marketing Collaboration Pays Dividends in Employee Engagement", you’ll learn how HR and marketing teams can work together to yield better employee relations and higher recruiting success rates. You’ll also get key tactics and strategies for creating employee-centric content and communication programs to boost job satisfaction and engagement.

In the white paper, find out…

  • How HR can use marketing best practices to define employee audience groups
  • What marketing tactics will help HR identify and prioritize disengaged employees
  • What content is most engaging for certain employee audiences

It’s an exciting time for companies to explore new avenues to fight employee disengagement and turnover. The most out-of-the-box solution might be right inside your office building. Read the white paper now.

Today’s employees are looking for something more – value communication that’s more personal and more relevant to what actually drives them to go to work each day.

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