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We can make your life easier.

What We Offer

Creating total rewards statements is tedious, labor-intensive, and, frankly, kind of a waste of effort. And your clients know it.

Want to help them create better total rewards communication? Become a TotalRewards Partner and help your clients:

  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Improve recruitment
  • Reduce employee churn and HR costs

Why Partner With Us?

As a TotalRewards Partner, you lift your clients out of the total rewards stone age with a modern compensation communication strategy that is:

  • More meaningful for employees
  • More insightful for executives
  • Easier for HR to create, distribute, and manage

As a partner, you’ll be the hero who finally delivers effective total rewards and digital offer letter solutions — while helping your own business thrive.

We can make your life easier.
We can make your life easier.

Why Partner With Us?

As a TotalRewards Partner, you lift your clients out of the total rewards stone age with a modern compensation communication strategy that is:

  • More meaningful for employees
  • More insightful for executives
  • Easier for HR to create, distribute, and manage

As a partner, you’ll be the hero who finally delivers effective total rewards and digital offer letter solutions — while helping your own business thrive.

We can make your life easier.

Partnerships Work for Your Clients — And for You

Whether you simply choose to recommend us to your client as your preferred vendor, elect to manage the entire sales process on your client’s behalf, or want to modernize your in-house total rewards communication with the industry’s leading solutions, partnerships can make that happen.

  • Join more than 75 employer service providers who leverage TotalRewards Builder
  • Increase client retention — and deepen your value to them
  • Build additional revenue streams — diversify your
    revenue streams
  • Improve client recruitment — you’re offering the top
    solution available

What kind of businesses partner with TotalRewards?

HR Consulting Firms | Recruiting Firms | Brokerages | Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) | Payroll Providers | Employer Services Providers

Partnership FAQ

When it comes to compensation, employees tend to focus on how much ends up in their bank account on payday. But that’s only one part of the compensation story. Employers also provide many other valuable benefits, such as 401K and healthcare contributions. If employees and potential hires don’t understand the full value of their compensation, they’re more difficult to recruit and retain.

With TotalRewards Builder, you give your clients the ability to tell the whole story of their value proposition as an employer — in a dynamic, consistent, and meaningful way. By improving employees’ awareness and appreciation for the value of their total compensation package, you help reduce turnover and create a compelling incentive that attracts the best new hires.

Read on for the most common questions organizations have about becoming a TotalRewards Partner.


1. What’s wrong with traditional total rewards statements?

First, total rewards statements are difficult for HR providers to create. Second, and perhaps worse, employees quickly lose, forget, or ignore them. In fact, studies show that 40% of employees do not understand the value of their current benefits. That means they continue to equate total compensation with salary.

But a digital rewards platform like TotalRewards Builder creates the opportunity for a continuous, personalized conversation with employees about their benefits. Another bonus: When employees know exactly how much an employer invests in them, they see how much they are appreciated, which can help them find meaning in the workplace, increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

2. How does a better total rewards strategy help my clients?

An effective total rewards statement can make the difference between keeping a star employee or losing them to a higher-paying competitor. That’s because a total rewards statement shows their earnings beyond just salary. According to a 2022 survey of 1,500 HR professionals, offering total compensation statements is the best way to stop employee turnover.

But a slip of paper with some numbers isn’t enough. To be effective, a total rewards statement should tell a clear, consistent, and compelling total compensation story to employees while providing employers with important information about employee interests. That’s exactly what TotalRewards Builder does.

Your clients can cut down on high (and costly) employee turnover, increase the effectiveness of their recruiting marketing, and understand what rewards engage existing employees and new recruits, allowing them to adjust their rewards programs as necessary – nearly effortlessly.

3. What is TotalRewards Builder?

TotalRewards Software’s signature product, TotalRewards Builder improves the conversation around compensation. Web-based, secure, and simple to use, TotalRewards Builder takes the complexity out of creating individual total rewards statements – while also making them more effective.

Our dynamic all-in-one platform gives you the power to:

  • Provide clients with a simple way to offer current and potential employees a clear, concise and complete picture of their compensation packages.
  • Give actionable insights to executives regarding what parts of their packages resonate with employees.
  • Eliminate hassles for compensation specialists and HR teams while increasing productivity.

No more manually entering data from spreadsheets or Word documents. No more cumbersome data merging. No more headaches. Instead, this platform focuses on providing great communication by:

  • Offering an easy-to-use online total rewards portal
  • Generating high-quality print statements
  • Promoting benefits campaigns to existing employees
  • Educating and engaging employees on their total rewards
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the benefit programs
  • Creating high-impact, graph-illustrated reports for executives and senior managers
4. What is a TotalRewards Channel Partner?

TotalRewards is a game-changer in total rewards strategy – but it’s also a game-changer for businesses like payroll providers, HR consulting firms, professional employer organizations (PEOs), insurance brokers, and employer-service firms. As a Channel Partner, they expand their tech stack with a best-in-class, user-friendly, and scalable total rewards solution.

Whether you manage our TotalRewards Builder portal on behalf of your clients or offer it as a white-label product with your firm’s branding, the simple-to-use, intuitive design makes it a snap for your staff to use or onboard new clients.

More than 75 forward-thinking companies effectively communicate total rewards to their client’s employees and executives using our software.

5. What kinds of businesses become Channel Partners?

Any business offering employer services for multiple clients will benefit by becoming a partner.

  • HR consulting firms
  • Recruiting firms
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
  • Payroll providers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Employer services providers

We give our partners the ability to provide their clients with access to the best total rewards solutions on the market.

6. How does providing my clients with TotalRewards Software improve my business?

Your clients already know that total rewards statements are a proven way to help them keep pace with rapidly evolving HR benefits trends, reduce turnover, and improve recruitment. If you don’t offer it as part of your suite of services – or provide recommendations to a preferred total rewards solution provider – your competitors will.

As a TotalRewards Partner, you can:

  • Add value for your clients: Differentiate and expand your services.
  • Simplify the total rewards process: Less effort, more output.
  • Create new revenue streams: Scalable as your business grows.
7. We already offer a total rewards solution for our clients. Why switch to the TotalRewards Software platform?

We focus exclusively on this part of the employee/employer relationship, and we have perfected the art and science of communicating total rewards. That’s why TotalRewards Builder is easier than any solution you’re using today, whether from a third-party provider or your own in-house product.

In fact, most in-house systems are slow, complicated, and confusing – and only create ineffective print statements. You can also rest assured that your client’s confidential employee data is secure with our advanced security protocols. Ask us for a free demonstration.

8. How much can I charge my clients as a Channel Partner?

As a Channel Partner, you can decide how much to charge. You may decide to take a hands-on role with your clients and manage the process from start to finish, or you may offer to use our wholesale pricing and deliver a superior service that drives their client relationships forward.

9. Who provides technical support to our clients?

Your clients are your most important asset. That’s why you’ll get the same world-class customer support we provide to our own clients.

10. Can I see a free demo that’s customized for my specific business and the type of clients I work with?

Yes! We will happily create a custom demo built around your business needs. Get started here.

Multiple partnership options are available to
address your client needs and your business goals.

Referral Partnerships
Spread the word, earn commissions.

Whether you’re an HR consultant, a recruiting firm, an insurance broker, or an employment services provider, clients trust you to connect them to the most reliable solution providers available. And when you recommend TotalRewards Software, you put your trust in us. We take that seriously. That’s why we provide Referral Partners a commission on sales they bring to us. We’ll take care of the entire sales process, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve set your clients up for measurable success.

Channel Partnerships
Serve as an authorized reseller, earn commissions.

Maybe you’d like to go one step beyond simply recommending a provider and want to streamline the entire sales process on behalf of your client. As a Channel Partner, you can handle the entire TotalRewards Software sales process from start to finish. You provide us with the signed contract, and you get a commission on that sale. And clients receive the same TotalRewards commitment and care we provide to all our clients. Learn more.

Subscription Partnerships
Your branding, your clients, your terms…our software.

Subscription partnerships allow you to provide our solution as a white-labeled part of your overall client experience. Offer TotalRewards Builder as an add-on service — and charge them what you want — or allow access to it to deepen the suite of services you’re already providing. Either way, deliver print and secure online statements to your client’s employees and candidates and generate project utilization and ROI data.

National Subscription Partnerships
Made to scale with your business.

We can help you bring our solution to one client or many. As a National Subscription Partner, we help you bring our white-labeled product to many clients as effortlessly as you can bring it to one. This partnership is perfect for a variety of companies. Talk with us to learn more.

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